Vision China Times manager Maree Ma told Four Corners the

they’re testing how far they can go

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canada goose uk black friday The Australian owned Vision China Times is one of the most read Chinese language newspapers in the country but it has been criticised for being by Chinese consular officers.It has emerged that Georges River Council received at least eight warnings from consular officials to block the paper from sponsoring Chinese New Year events in southern Sydney.According to a joint investigation from The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and ABC Four Corners, Chinese officials pressured the council over the sponsorship, saying it risked harming relations between NSW and Beijing.have attached great importance to our co operation with the Georges River City Council and hope there will be no change to the policy of the George River Council on supporting the development of Australia China relationship, a consulate political affairs official wrote on January 17, 2018.The next day a council administrative officer confirmed the newspaper had been banned from the 2018 event, saying in an email, respects and values cheap canada goose the relationship with the consul general and also the development of the Australia China relationship of the 2019 new year festival, the Chinese consulate again lobbied for a similar ban.Council memos released under freedom of information legislation include one on December 4, 2018 that described call from Mr Tony Wong who works for the Chinese consul to remind us that he would like to keep a friendly relationship between China and NSW wanted to make sure that there were no embarrassing situations this year and reiterate their position involving anti China groups, one memo said.Vision China Times manager Maree Ma told Four Corners the Chinese government was seeking to control the news that Chinese Australians could read and listen to.are an independent paper, Ms Ma said. A newspaper that they cannot control and the Chinese consulate don like any media outlets that they cannot have some sort of control over. Paper publishes stories critical of the Chinese communist party and Chinese intelligence officers have targeted its advertisers overseas, pressuring them to pull their adverts.Council general manager confirmed that correspondence had been received from the Chinese consul general canada goose uk black friday.

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