Chaturvedi said the communications received by those not

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uk canada goose outlet J. Alphons, the Union Minister of State for Tourism recently announced INR 70 crore tourism package i. MoreTRAVEL TRENDS, MEGHALAYAExploring the age old caves in MeghalayaMeghalaya, the abode of clouds, is always on travellers’ radar for a reason. “This is nothing but brazen abuse of official position for seeking favour for personal ends. Such practices also put stress on an already overburdened administration, primary duties of which are habitat management and protection works,” it said.Therefore, in accordance with constitutional principles, orders of the Supreme Court and other relevant rules/notifications in this regard, it is hereby ordered that any communication received through use of official positions, except for those entitled, in any manner, for the said purpose will not be entertained at all, by any of the officials posted in the Corbett Tiger Reserve, Uttarakhand, the order said.Rules framed by the Uttarakhand government regarding state guests allow very few constitutional functionaries like the president, prime minister, chief justice of India, Lok Sabha speaker, among others to avail such facilities.He said the Right to Equality guaranteed under Article 14 of the Constitution, is one of the bedrocks of democratic polity.”However, over the years, a ”VIP culture” has crept into our polity, where persons occupying influential positions, started using their official position and powers to create a distinct class for themselves, and using it as a privilege to make undue claim over public resources, for purposes which had nothing to do with discharge of their official duties,” Chaturvedi said.This VIP culture, which is anathema to the cherished principles of equality and fraternity, has created distortions in system of governance and has caused resentment in general public, he said, citing a central government decision on prohibiting use of red beacons on official vehicles.Chaturvedi said the communications received by those not entitled to the facilities of stay at the Corbett Tiger Reserve “are nothing but brazen misuse of official positions/ symbols for absolutely private purposes”.A lot of people, including those in the judiciary and bureaucracy, seek favour from the Corbett Tiger Reserve administration for stay and safari, among other VIP facilities for themselves or for their friends/relatives, officials said.”It is a welcoming step. Tourism in core and other areas frequented wild animals is having a negative effect on wildlife.Dubey said any reduction in VIP references of stay and other facilities will help forest staff to invest more time in taking care of wild animals rather than of those in power.The Corbett park is first national park of India established in 1936 uk canada goose outlet.

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